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Landfills in Loudoun County’s Rural Economy

  • In 2015, Loudoun County approved a Rural Economy Plan for a “Personal Recreational Field” in Western Loudoun.

  • The “Personal Field” is a landfill of more than 18 acres that contains thousands of truckloads of offsite waste.  Liquid waste was also dumped there.

  • The landfill was approved without public notice or public participation.

  • There are no County regulations specific to the siting, height, extent, volume or contents of “Personal Recreational Fields.”

  • A “dirt stockpile” having exactly the same physical characteristics would not be permissible on this site without a special zoning exception process.

  • The landfill is intrusive, potentially harmful, and potentially very lucrative.

  • There could be many more such landfills in Western Loudoun if the County does not change its regulatory practices.

The video documents the landfill and includes aerial footage showing active dumping in progress.  The video also discusses the current regulatory status of the landfill, and questions whether landfills are desirable elements of Loudoun’s Rural Economy and are compatible with rural conservation.

Loudoun Rural Landfill
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This video was produced in high definition (1080p).  For best quality, set your viewer to 1080p or better.

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Open Letter to the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors and Others

RE: ‘Utilizing Excessive Fill’: Landfills in Loudoun’s Rural Economy

(Rural Economy Plan REST-2015-0003, Gable Farm Personal Recreational Field)​

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Combined Attachments to Open Letter:

(1) Explanatory text, tables and figures;

(2) Excerpts from the landfill site plan;

(3) E-mail regarding the regulatory status of the site;

(4) Notes of Board action re ‘utilizing excessive fill’;

(5) Excerpts from County code regulating ‘dirt stockpiles’;

(6) A proposal for mitigating the effects of the site; and

(7) Suggestions for regulating future ‘personal recreational fields.’

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Attachment 7 to Open Letter:

Suggestions for regulating future ‘personal recreational fields.’

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